IQApp Central for SharePoint and Office 365

Welcome to IQApp Central! We provide the best SharePoint apps, components, templates, and themes for SharePoint 2013 on-premises and SharePoint Online and Office 365.

Customizing SharePoint has never been easier.

We offer a set of tools and techniques that scale from prebuilt single site solutions on Office 365 to large multi-tenant deployments with many privately deployed and managed solutions.

IQApps are easier to build than traditional farm solutions and cloud apps written with Visual Studio. The are more versatile in terms of what you can define for provisioning. They are easier to upgrade and repair. Best of all, they give you a uniform approach that works with the widest variety of configurations on-prem and in the cloud.

Most solutions and themes allow deployment both via push mechanisms from IQApp Central or IQApp Tools for Powershell and pull mechanisms via SharePoint App packages.

In fact, there are several excellent IQApps listed in the office 365 marketplace (

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Get maximum leverage from what you have today.

Moving from traditional SharePoint farm development should not mean you have to spend months re-learning how to do everything before you can be productive.

Replace hand written CAML XML code for traditional farm features such as fields, lists, and pages with generated metadata for provisioning in other sites. All you have to do is select the objects you want. You can even change the metadata!

Gain support scenarios CAML leaves out such as permissions, groups, and automatic wireup for lookup columns and list based web parts.

IQApps make it possible to migrate a significant percentage of farm solution assets to cloud compatible apps with little effort.

Spend your time building solutions, not plumbing.

You can build some great apps without paying for more servers or spending lots of time building the infrastructure components all apps need. The IQApp Client Core Libraries include JavaScript that make it easier to integrate custom functionality within SharePoint using popular frameworks like jQuery, Bootstrap, and AngularJS.

For larger scale installations that require a middle-tier services we offer hosted and on-prem solutions and the IQApp Server Framework Libraries for identity management, authentication, custom web services, and long running background processing.