Upgrading to the Standard Version

Get Instant Consulting Practice Standard!
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Get Instant Legal Practice Standard!

Why upgrade?

The Office 365 marketplace guidelines impose a number of important restrictions in terms of the permissions apps can request. These restrictions are in place to protect subscribers from malicious apps that steal data or damage tenancies. These restrictions have a direct effect on the functionality we can provide in the marketplace version of Instant Practice Manager. Fortunately, Office 365 provides features that allow tenant administrators to install custom apps produced by the tenant's organization and by trusted third parties which are not subject to the restrictions required in the Office 365 marketplace.

Instant Practice Manager Standard provides the same functionality found in the marketplace version plus: Instant Practice Manager Standard is required for future add-ons such as advanced time entry and email management.

What is the cost to upgrade?

It doesn't cost anything to upgrade. The standard version is licensed using the same fee schedule as the marketplace version. See the Licenses tab on the Settings page for current prices.